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Experience Judge Piper Griffin is an experienced and insightful jurist, who is dedicated, fair-minded, committed to justice and service, with a demonstrated respect for the fundamental principles of the law.

13 years
as an attorney
20 years
as a judge

With over thirty-three years of legal experience, Judge Griffin is a vigilant steward of the law. As a compassionate and impartial jurist, she has committed her life to the pursuit of justice for all and holds herself to an exceptional standard of ethical conduct both on and off the bench.

Judge Griffin adheres meticulously and courageously to the rule of law and respects all who appear before her. Her record among her fellow practitioners of expertly managing a fast and full trial docket is well-recognized. Judge Griffin is a strong advocate of being a life-long student of the law. She is dedicated to making a difference on the bench and within the bar and community, which speaks to her willingness to invest in a judiciary system that functions both efficiently and effectively.  

Judge Griffin’s record, courage, and character make her an exceptional candidate for a distinguished associate justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Judge Griffin has provided a strong leadership presence, and she looks forward to advancing the same degree of courage, integrity, and vision to the highest level of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Priorities On the Supreme Court, Judge Griffin is committed to the work on protecting the rights and liberties of all by continuing:

  • Ensure accessible justice and equal protection under the law
  • Promote accountability and professionalism throughout the judiciary
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of court operation
  • Increase understanding and build confidence in the judiciary
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