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Statement from Judge Piper Griffin on the race for the Louisiana Supreme Court, District 7

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In the midst of preparing my campaign to continue the race with the voters deciding on December 5th, I was surprised and humbled when I received word about Judge Love’s decision.  Judge Love and I entered this race as friends of more than 35 years.  As women of faith, I believe that our Christian values allowed us to run our campaigns with both grace and integrity. While I am grateful to Judge Love for making the path for me so much easier, I realize that just like me, Judge Love truly wanted to be the next Associate Justice on the Louisiana Supreme Court, so her decision to withdraw from the race is bittersweet and therefore very difficult.  So, I first want to say “Thank You” to my friend, Judge Terri Love. 

“Thank you” Terri, for using your knowledge, experience, and love for the law to hear cases and render decisions that uphold the law while seeking every opportunity to show compassion. “Thank you” Terri, for your leadership and dedication, both in and outside of the legal community; for serving as a role model and mentor for our youth who need positive women of faith to surround them with love and help steer them on a path towards success; and for the respect shown towards our friendship which will allow us to build bigger and better for our community. As we participated in forums to discuss our qualifications, I always said that all of the candidates were qualified to hold the position of the next Supreme Court Justice for the State of Louisiana.  Each one of us brought a different, but still needed, expertise to the race.

During this campaign I often told my campaign volunteers and committee members, God can take you from A to Z in the blink of an eye. As your next Associate Justice for the Louisiana Supreme Court, I do not take the election process or the people involved for granted and because of the blessing that I am being given, I am even more determined to draw strength from the character traits my mother instilled in me – respect for each other as individuals, compassion, fairness, commitment, dedication, and just as important, giving back and offering help where it is needed. 

These are the qualities I am prepared to bring to the Louisiana Supreme Court with hopes of building upon the legacies and just outcomes of Justice Revius Ortique and Chief Justice Bernette Johnson who currently holds the seat.

Finally, and most important, to the citizens of Louisiana who cast their ballots for me on November 3rd and were preparing to do so again, I thank you for your love and support.  I hope to make you proud as I serve you and all of the citizens of Louisiana and more particularly, the citizens of District 7. 

With a humble and grateful heart.

Judge Piper Griffin