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“Thank You” from Judge Piper Griffin

CONTACT: Geriease Hawkins
at or
C. Brylski at (504) 460-1468

It is with a grateful heart that I express my appreciation to the countless voters and residents who cast their votes for me to be the next Associate Justice for the 7th District of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Throughout this process, my volunteers and staff exhibited the very characteristics that I have embodied as I matured as an adult and matriculated in my education and legal career.  Those qualities include respect for each other as individuals, compassion, fairness, commitment, dedication, and just as important, giving back and offering help where it is needed.

I look forward to continuing to meet with members of the community to share my experience, qualifications, and vision for how my candidacy will enhance the Louisiana Supreme Court.  I am committed to continuing the tradition of supporting just outcomes that have been demonstrated by the pioneers who held this seat before me, the Honorable Justice Revius Ortique and Chief Justice Bernette Johnson.

The general election to fill the seat will be on December 5, 2020.