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Judge Piper Griffin, Candidate for Supreme Court Receives AFL-CIO Endorsement

Candidate for Louisiana Supreme Court, Judge Piper Griffin, has received the endorsement of the AFL-CIO in the November 3rd race for the Louisiana Supreme Court.

“The AFL-CIO has recognized my qualifications and honored me with their vote of confidence to hold one of the highest offices in the state of Louisiana,” said Judge Piper Griffin. “As a former member of the Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Ethics and former Bar Examiner for Constitutional Law with the Louisiana Committee on Bar Admission and a current member of the Supreme Court Budgetary Control Board and Supreme Court Committee on Bar Admissions Testing Committee, I am experienced and qualified to serve as a jurist on the Louisiana Supreme Court.”

With 20 of her 34 years of legal experience as a Judge in Civil District Court, Judge Griffin is passionate about serving the people not only in the legal realm, but as a member of the community in which she grew up. Judge Griffin is an advocate for education and life-long learning. She is well respected among her peers as a compassionate, fair and honest jurist who possesses integrity that is unshakeable.

Recognized for her service, Judge Griffin has the judicial temperament to see the big picture and has a deep understanding of the community – its challenges and potential. Through her various activities – civic and social – Judge Griffin has also demonstrated her affinity towards our young people and she is keenly aware that the essence of her character, along with her qualifications will provide the representation that is needed on the court. Judge Griffin cares about and will work hard for the community, because she is a member of the community.