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33 Years as an Attorney; 20 Years as a Judge…and a Passion for Justice

Piper Griffin for Supreme Court

Civil District Court Judge Piper D. Griffin, 58, has proudly served the citizens of New Orleans and now seeks to follow in the footsteps of the Honorable Justice Bernette J. Johnson and Justice Revius O. Ortique, Jr., the first African Americans and only African American woman, to represent the 7th Louisiana Supreme Court District encompassing Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

Judge Griffin is prepared to bring a unique and critical legal insight to the Supreme Court position. Justice and compassion are part of her DNA and throughout life has had a willingness to serve and take on leadership responsibilities to improve the lives of others. Judge Griffin believes these qualities will make an excellent candidate for Associate Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Three Decades of Fighting for Justice

Trusted by her Peers in the Judicial System

Raised here…always for NOLA

How do you learn a judicial temperament, the ability to see the big picture both in terms of what is fair and what is needed? It takes a deep understanding of the values of one’s community, it’s challenges and its potential. It takes an ability to mentor and actually support those in need, especially our young people. Piper Griffin has proven she knows us, cares for us and is one of us. Most importantly, she works hard for us.

Advocate for Education and Life-Long Learning

Cares for her Community

Recognized for her Service